Mysterious Madness

This week at work we had a Mystery Week.  We had abstract photos of regular objects around the building and people had to name as many as they could to win a prize.  The bingo game prizes were all wrapped up in brown paper bags so the winners had no idea what they won until they picked the bag and opened it.  There was a mystery outing where we took a few of our seniors out for lunch but didn’t tell them where we were going.  We had a mystery movie and mystery stories and games for smaller groups.  On Wednesday, we staged a crime (stolen brownies) and used things like finger prints and wheel chair tire tracks to figure out who the criminal was.  And today we had a Mystery Happy Hour.  Along with our usual drinks and Cheesies we played clips of songs and they had to name them.  A few times during the week I dressed up as a detective.

Detective Don Dudder at your service.

This is the look I was going for.

I found this photo at this website.

But, I’m afraid this is what I achieved.

Oh well…can’t win them all.  It was fun though!