Let me down gently.

So I planned on this mega extravaganza detailing my fabulous new-to-me buttonholer. 

A button holer from the 50s


When reading the manual all looked like a perfect match then I began assembly….

The plate that protects the feeder teeth was missing its screw.

Have no fear…the hubby is a horder of such things and we found an adequate substitute.  But, then…

The hole on the holer is higher than the hole on my presser....say that 10 times fast!

 Note fancy red pen pointing to annoying problem…sigh.  So no button holes for me.

On the upside…the corset fits over the girls.  I think my next one will be a size smaller because the lacing is done up grommet to grommet.  But, for now I’m happy with it.  I’m not sure I want to do this…

Well they fit.