A belt

I’m in a blogging slump…I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything more inspired these days!  Luckily, I have a ton of pictures from the Costume Museum of Canada to keep things going…

Today I have a belt that has similar features that I have seen in some of the chatelaines they also have in the collection.  It is dated 1890’s.

1890 belt CMC a

It has nice purple stones.  I love purple…1890 belt CMC b

And this is the part that reminds me of the chatelaines.1890 belt CMC c

I think it is made from brass.  I wonder what it would have looked like when new and shiny.


While getting ready for the accessories display the Costume Museum of Canada had last weekend, I amassed a pile of photographs of some of the museum pieces.  Time to use some of them up.  Hope you enjoy.

These gloves are really weird.  I don’t know the year but I do know the owner had really long skinny arms!


And finally an earring from 1885.  I couldn’t find the mate to it.  I hope we still have it and it will turn up soon.1885 earring CMC

Tuesday’s treasure: the unknowns

Most Tuesdays I volunteer at the Costume Museum of Canada and I photograph some of my favorite finds to share here. This week’s feature is a group of pins that I think are Victorian/Edwardian but there is no official date for them.  So they are the pretty unknowns.unknowns a

Which one is your favorite? The one with the speckled stones?unknowns c

The one with the multi-colored stones ? (That makes me think it could be part of a plot for a Celtic mystical magic book. Each stone holds a special power and when combined on the pin, the holder has all the magic needed to become king.)unknowns dOr is it the one with the dangly chain?unknowns e

Or are you a big fan of purple?unknowns b

I can not tell a lie…I love the purple one best.

My plant is mixed up…so am I

I happened to notice that my Christmas Cactus seems to think that it is Christmas time!img_20160419_183241852.jpg

Odd little fella.  Or is he?  Lately, I have been working on projects that will be worn this December at the Dickens’ Festival in Carlyle.  Perhaps Mr. Cactus is just getting in the spirit of things around here.  So lets follow along, shall we?

When we think Christmas and Dickens, we think “A Christmas Story” which is about Scrooge who is a miser.  So let us check out a couple of miser’s purses (nice segue, eh).

1870 miser purse CMC a

The right side is showing the correct side and the left is showing the back.  Both sides are, in fact, the same.


It is a crochet and beaded bag from 1870’s and is from the Costume Museum of Canada’s collection.

1870 miser purse CMC b

The ends are beaded

Honestly, I must have been brain dead the day I took these photographs because I could not figure out how to get in it.  Now that I look at the photographs, it is obvious.  The top layer is a flap that you would lift to reach into the pocket. Gosh, I am so dim sometimes!

1870 miser purse CMC d

The two pockets are joined by braided strand that are knotted in the middle. (Yes we noticed the broken bead section and the loose beads and the poor thing was safely packaged up in an envelope to await some conservation work.

1870 miser purse CMC c

The rings are attached to the knot.  The end ring is covered in a stitch that I have done when doing Dorset buttons.  That ring could attach to a chatelaine of some type or be worn on a finger.

I think I have another project to try some day!

Before I start another miser purse, I should pull the one I have started, out of the UFO pile. This is as far as I got… Bah, humbug.Miser 3

It has been so long since I have looked at it, I will have to figure out how to do it again.  I can’t even remember what my plan was for the bead pattern.

May be this bag from the 1890’s (also from the Costume Museum of Canada’s collection) will inspire me.IMG_20160405_180209855

1890 miser purse CMC a

Happy Christmas in May and a Bah Humbug to you and yours.

Bar pins: circa 1910-20

The Costume Museum of Canada has a group of bar pins dated 1910-20. 4a Many are similar in appearance.  Unsold items from a store?4b

In the above photo, all the pins are in pink.  The one in the foreground and the one in the back ground are double the length of the one in my hand and the small one on the table.

When you zoom in on the pins, you can see that they are patterned with a pink enamel or glaze over top.4b (2)

Cute how my nails happen to match, eh?

There are pins that are the same in shape and sizes but in a blue color.4c

In behind the blue pins are slightly bigger pins. These also have a pattern with a glaze or enamel over them.4eI really liked the pin I am holding in the above photo.  The others are too plain for my tastes.

There is a final pin that is along the same lines as the two above but in white with a floral design.4d

I got my photo files back!

The hubby’s computer pro friend worked his voodoo magic and got my files off of the dead computer.  Happy days!  I will post the following photos with great gratitude!  The photos are of a dress that the Costume Museum of Canada had on display awhile back.  I hope you think it is lovely too!  It is a day dress from 1898.1898 dress day CMC a

1898 dress day CMC b

I love the black velvet detail on this dress.

1898 dress day CMC c

The beading and soutache is amazing!

1898 dress day CMC d

It looks machine sewn.1898 dress day CMC e

1898 dress day CMC f

Those buttons are so cute!1898 dress day CMC g

1898 dress day CMC i

I didn’t have a chance to take photos of it after it was steamed out but it was a sweet little number!

Hope you enjoyed!

You take my breath away.

Last night’s volunteer session yielded this beauty!


1909-12  Side view

1909-12 Side view

I had a front view as well but some how it got lost in the email from my camera to computer.

Back view.

Back view.

Do you get the idea of the size of this thing with the hands holding it?

It is made out of a stunning loose weave in the straw, lace and dried flowers.  Nearly brought me to tears.

It is made out of a stunning loose weave in the straw, lace and silk flowers. Nearly brought me to tears.  The silk flowers are an amazing color…they match the straw so they have the illusion of being dried flowers.

For those of you interested in how things work, the bigger crown hides a normal sized head size inside...kind of like a super big hat over top of a little hat.

For those of you interested in how things work, the bigger crown hides a normal sized head size inside…kind of like a super big hat over top of a little hat.  The big crown, small crown and brim are all wires covered in lace and straw a bit of silk at the top of the inner crown.

I have not forsaken you

I’ve been quiet this week as I’m am wrapped up in some more self imposed deadlines as well as the start of the madness known as Christmas.  I’ve completed some projects but they will have to wait until after Christmas for posting as they will be gifts.

In the mean time, it is snowing here and it looks like it is here to stay.  With that in mind, I give you a pair of winter boots dated 1900.

In the Costume Museum of Canada's collection

In the Costume Museum of Canada’s collection

Blue velvet and white fur...my guess is rabbit.

Blue velvet and white fur…my guess is rabbit.

Its been 2 1/2 years….

2 1/2 years ago, I saw a dress at the costume museum that made my heart stop.  I’ve seen it again and my heart still goes pitter-pat when I see it.  In this case, absence did make  the heart grow fonder.1873 dress CCM g

1873 dress CCM h

1873 dress CCM j

I like the chenille trim.  I could make that.  They sell wool like that now.

I like the chenille trim. I could make that. They sell wool like that now.

Little silk tassels are added to the end.  It would take forever to make but it would be worth it!

Little silk tassels are added to the end. It would take forever to make but it would be worth it!

1873 dress CCM m

1873 dress CCM n

1873 dress CCM o

1883 dress CCM p

1883 dress CCM q

Yup.  I still love it.