My first photo shoot with Lady A

People seem to be liking the work of the warm and wonderful Lady A and I now have permission to use her likeness here so I thought I would do a post of our first photo shoot.

We had gone to Maple Grove Tea House which is in a house that was built on the river in 1866 for a Captain Kennedy.  It is quite small with a few rooms made up to look like the home may have looked in its day.  It’s real draw is having tea on the veranda and walking in the gardens surrounding it.

Lady A in her lovely purple ensemble…in the interior of Kennedy House

I love the beading on her dress! And I simply must make a bustle dress one day!

Lady A looking all lovely and put together and I look like my maid either drinks or hates me.

We must do that shoot again.  Next time I will do it with the aid of an iron and a mirror!

Back view of Lady A’s dress

The white gown is also Lady A’s work.  It is a regency style dress.  It is worn by a co-worker who is totally not into sewing or even looking at this stuff but she is a trooper and went along with us-into public no less!  This mystery lady is a bit shy.  Coming out with us was pushing her comfort levels some.  I will spare her dignity and not post pictures of her from the front but I thought she looked gorgeous.  You will just have to take my word for it!