Nice little 1911 linen suit

Happy Friday the 13th with a full moon everybody!  Lets take our minds off of what some believe is impending doom and look at another dress from the Costume Museum of Canada’s display a few weeks ago.

All cream.  I can't think how this thing survived over 100 years still looking clean!

All cream. I can’t think how this thing survived over 100 years still looking clean!

I swear!  None of my white clothing will make it to a museum.  The first day I wear my white items, I’m without fail, eating spaghetti or something smothered in ketchup!

Covered buttons.

Covered buttons.

How about a better look at the lace inserts and cording.

1911 cream suit lacevCMC

Side view.

Side view.

And back view.

And back view.

If I ever get into Edwardian fashions, I think I’d like something like this…just not in white.

1911 Shocking Pink Dress

Another dress on display this past weekend was this pink dress.

1911 pink dress a CMC

The under dress is a shocking pink which is toned down with a white sheer over dress.

1911 pink dress b CMC

It is trimmed in piping and self covered buttons in the shocking pink, and with lace inserts.

1911 pink dress c CMC

Up close and on its own, it seemed a bit over powering but some how in a crowd and at a distance it is pretty special.  Unfortunately there was some major damage to the back of it which has been (rather badly) patched.  There are smaller moth holes further up so I wonder if there was not more chewing done on the bottom piece.1911 pink dress d CMC

The two medallions on the back are a bit funny!

Inspecting the costumes of the tour guides

This year, while at the Fort, Shirley and I spent a lot of our time inspecting the outfits worn by the staff.  The focus was, of course, stealing ideas for ourselves!

We were given a ride on a sheltered golf cart to the "Big House"

This girl was dressed as the wife of one of the men living in the big house.  I forgot what she said his job was. It was a cooler day so she was dressed in a heavier fabric (wool likely).  My dress was  designed in a late 50’s style and hers was late 40’s early 50’s.  (Looks like this pattern) The fort was built early 50’s but was extremely “backwoods” so the ladies would not be in on the latest fashions.

On her head, the girl was wearing a woolen cap that I think I can copy…I really need to get some caps made for these earlier years.  Many ladies would wear them under their bonnets-especially older ladies such as myself!

It is basically 3 pieces knit on larger needles and the color bits knit in a wave on smaller needles. I’d do this but not in Christmas colors.


The back is just a basic hat.


I can do this.

And here is a couple of lace ones.

SAM_2094SAM_2126And I must have this cape.  How cute is this!  I wonder if I can figure it out without a pattern?SAM_2091

Here is the back view.


Of course it is lined.


Then there is this red one…Little Red Riding Hood…

SAM_2100SAM_2101I think I have some red wool that was given to me that might be big enough.

Being connected to the Hudson Bay Company the Fort had many samples of cloaks made from their blankets.  I should make one of these, as a Manitoban…SAM_2123

I haven’t been too interested in working class clothes but I think I might be interested in it one day.SAM_2117

Several of the ladies were wearing sontags.  Not a one of them knew that that was its name. They called it a criss-cross shawl.  I can’t blame them for that.  They are all students (most weren’t even history students) that got summer jobs from the government.  (I want their jobs….)  They are given basic info that they memorize…and then pray they don’t run into someone who thinks they know more than they do (insert winky face here.)



I’m freezing to death!

It is only November and winter is here like the jerk that it is.  I’ve spent nearly half of my Saturday on line trying to find myself some sort of warm vacation to look forward to.  I need to get me some more pesos!

Well, this is a Victorian/costuming blog  and not a “poor poor pitiful me blog” so topic change!

Does this lovely 1860's carte de visite warm you up?

Does this lovely 1860’s carte de visite warm you up?

No?  Me neither.

She does have a great skirt…it looks like it is put together the same way I put my hoop skirt petticoat.  She has a watch hanging at her waist…it looks like it has be tucked into a belt.  I love her curls!  How does one get those to stay put without hair spray!

My Victorian Weekend part 3 of 3

Last Saturday evening, Victorian at Heart rode the Prairie Dog Central Train.  And here are some of our 500 photographs.SAM_1291

I’m a bit glad that we don’t have hundreds of these coal and steam trains rolling everyday!  It sure makes some pollution!


Shirley and I are waiting in the train station and we are wearing our 1880’s outfits.


Coco Worker joined us in Shirley’s 1890’s dress.


Coco took this photo.  NOT the most flattering photo of Moi but, I love the sepia look.

This train ride brings back memories.  When I was a kid I remember being thrilled by the robbers that stop the train and rob us all of our change!


The robbers took $550 for donation to a local woman’s shelter.



What a great day!  So much fun was had by all!

Girls Own Annual

Here are some nice fashion plates from the Girls Own Annual.


I like the detail on the two skirts on the left.  I love all three hats!  Aren’t they wonderful!


I love the contrast materials of the dress on the right!


Gadzooks!  This dress is divine!  I want one!


The sleeves of the dress on the left are fun.  If I had dainty little upper arms, I would copy that.


And finally some pretty little dresses that I imagine would work for the summer.  I hope some of my readers find some inspiration here!  Happy sewing!

I’ve been shopping….again!

I’ve been making some plans for a winter vacation with my husband, brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  The flights and hotel are now booked and I’m starting to get excited.  I have to be careful that I don’t “I can’t wait” so much that I miss the good stuff in between like Christmas and my birthday!  I did run to my favorite thrift store and buy some summery dresses because my sister-in-law wants us to spend the whole time in “cute” summer dresses.

3 short dresses and 2 long ones

For a girl who loves to dress in Victorian dresses, I do not have a lot of modern dresses.  They are not practical…go figure.  I do want to try my hand at making a dress and have the pattern, material and notions for it but can’t bring myself to cut up the pretty sari material I want to use for the dress.  Sometimes, I frustrate myself!

Time for a cabinet card enstallment

I’m excited about my growing collection.  Two new ones arrived in the mail today and I’ve won 16 more on eBay and expect to be paying an invoice soon.  Today’s card is an older one.  It was one I got in a bundle of head shots and is one of the more unusual ones of that lot.Sorry for the crappy photo quality.  There was no natural light left when I took the photo and when I use the flash there is just glare.

The unusual thing about this card is the decidedly masculine look to this womans outfit.  The tie and jacket are strongly male!  I wonder if she was always dressing in this manner or was it just this one outfit…kind of a statement piece.  Was she liberated for her day…perhaps a suffragette?  May be she ran a business and wore power suits to be taken more seriously.  There appears to be some sort of pin on the tie but no other “bling” to be seen.  She wasn’t going for girly girl accessories with this outfit.   She has the frizzy bangs of the 80s and the sleeves of the 90s so that is the start of my dating guessing game.

It did not show up at all in my photo but the wording  M. V. Mower, 23 Clarence Rd., Lawrence Hill, Bristol, Established 1870 is printed in gold at the bottom of the black card.  Gold print on black was a trend in the late 80s to the 90s, which fits into my guess for the dates.  I was not able to find much on the photographer.  I did find a listing of Bristol photographers with some dates and names that may suggest a family business.  You will need to scroll down about 2/3s of the page to find the list of 4 Mowers who may or may not have been related.  One of the Mowers was an M Mower at 28 Clarence in 1900.  He was at that address longer than that but there is nothing to prove or disprove he was at that address prior to that.  So I’m sticking with my guess of late 80’s to 90s for this card.  And because of the sleeves…it is most likely from the 90s.

If I were born 100 years earlier….infancy

Sometimes I like to look at museum pieces and imagine myself in them…don’t we all!  Then I got to imagining what each phase of my life’s wardrobe would have looked like if I had been born 100 years earlier.  So lets play that game together.

If I had been born in 1864 what would I have worn.  Well, my mom was Catholic so I was baptised.  I would have worn something like this (actually looks like a longer, less synthetic version of what I actually did wear!)

1868 Christening dress from the Met

I likely would have worn a bonnet.  I could not find an example of a bonnet from the 1860s but I imagine they did not change too much in form over the decades.

1853 bonnet

My every day wear would be basically shorter less ornate versions of this until I started trying to totter around.

Next week I will try to find out what I might have worn in the late 1860s as a toddler.