Professional photos from one of our outings

I got my photos from the Dames Dandy’s and Dominion Day carriage ride.  The carriage and the photos were from Aspire Photography


It is a lovely photo is it not?  To bad there are some modern buildings ruining the effect! Oh wait!  With a cheap and crappy program like “Paint” and a little bit of patience I can get rid of them!

IMG_1478 - Copy

If  you don’t look to closely (zoom) -especially at the trees- it isn’t to bad.  The pavement might be a bit off but I didn’t think I could do much with that.

Here, I did it again.  Before….



And after….IMG_1609 - Copy

A couple of the photos didn’t need the “skillfully” executed alteration.



I just love that blue in Shirley’s suit.  We are both done up in 1890’s dresses in honor of the age of the house.



The building in the back is the Manitoba Legislative Building.  I didn’t “Paint” it out because it was passably old.  It is only about 18 years too young for our dresses. The parasols were a blessing!  In an era before sunglasses and tank tops, they really did the trick with the oppressively hot sun!