Edwardian Casual

Here is a photo that is likely Edwardian.  And as it isn’t mounted and the background is not a studio, I’m wondering if this is not an amateur photographers work.SAM_3066

The woman on the left is in an apron that makes me think she is puttering around the house.  And yet she looks so stylish. She has great Gibson Girl hair and her shirtwaist is perfect! The other woman seems younger to me-perhaps it is the shorter hem line.

In my mind I have created a story.  The older sister has headed off to the big city and has become very stylish while there.  She comes home to visit and while home, she dons her old apron to help her sister around the house.  Dad pulls out his new camera and asks his girls to head outside so he can capture the visit.


Oh, the glare!

My blog is on automatic pilot now as I am currently flying to Mexico.  (Hope the plane isn’t on automatic pilot.)  Any time now I will be squinting into the glare of that long forgotten sky-thing which, if memory serves, is called the sun.  Perhaps you’d care for some glare too.SAM_2523

Ackk! My eyes.  I swear that photograph of a photograph didn’t look that bad on the screen of my camera!  If you put on your sunglasses, you can see a nice BIG family of 4 children, a mom and a dad with a killer ‘stash! My guess is early 1900’s as she has a bit of a Gibson girl hair style but smaller, more fitted sleeves.

Amateur photographer

How about a quick post with a card that seems to have been made by an amateur photographer.SAM_2489I got it  for a steal of a deal because of the stain on the woman to the left but it was worth it because you can still clearly see what they are wearing.  I’d say this is an 1890’s photo…probably later 90’s based on the big sleeves and the hair styles, which seem very Gibson girl to me.  I’m thinking this is an amateur photograph because of the very informal pose of the two women and the house background.  The lady on the left is dressed in her shirtwaist and no hat and the lady on the right has a jacket and hat.  In my imagination, the lady in the shirt is the lady of the house in back.  The lady on the right is a visitor.  In honor of the occasion, the amateur photographer (husband?) has brought out his camera to capture the moment.  Do you think they might be sisters?

Dames Dandies and Dominion Day

Victorian at Heart celebrated Dominion Day (Canada Day) today at Dalnavert Museum.  Here are a few of the photos.  Unfortunately, they were all done with my camera and my camera had a fluffy on something on the lens.  But, you get the idea.

I wore my 1895 Summer Ensemble.


Mr McLeod was there as well.


Shirley wore her new 1895 suit.


The museum didn’t get the crowd it was hoping for but we had a lovely afternoon sitting on a Victorian porch, wearing Victorian clothes and having a relaxing visit.  There was also a horse and carriage ride, just like last year.  More photos pending.