Day three of vacation

I had so much going on today that it is worth about 5 posts.  But we will trim it down to something more manageable.

This morning I went on my walk about looking for Victorian houses.  I saw several I liked and I wont bore you with all of those but I will share the one that is for sale.

Only 2.25 million dollars....Sigh....

May need a course up grade or two to start making that kind of cash….

Then we went to Hatley Castle which unfortunately does not give tours during the summer.  So we were confined to the outdoors and the basement that housed a less than stellar museum. 

Front view of the castle.

 The next photo proves I was really there!

Hello from Hatley Castle

 The back view of the castle….

Back view of the castle

 After the disappointing tour of the castle we went to Merchies for lunch.  Yum.  Thought you might like the three tea grannies that they have had there for years.

The tea grannies.

 Then we went to the wharf where there are actual house boats.  All that bobbing would surely make me spill my coffee and perhaps toss my cookies.

All of these houses bobbed up and down but the little one in front went side to side too-barf!

At the wharf you can buy fish and….

Cute little seals!

 And then we went to Craigdarrouch Castle.  Ohhhh I love that place! 

My hubby standing in the front entry way.

 The whole place was loaded in wood paneling that came from the states. 

When you come into the front hall and look up the four floors of the staircase this is what you see...miles and miles of wood.

Since this is a costume blog I will confine the rest of my photos to the dresses they have.

The maids outfit.

I really loved the dress in this painting.  Turns out it was from my city!

A Ms. Raynford

 The photo is a bit dark but if you click on it I believe it will enlarge and you can see it better.  There was this lovely evening gown too.

And this is where my camera died with 3 floors to go! Arg!

 The lack of photos meant I had to buy postcards at the gift shop to make up the loss.  Those may one day be used as blog posts during a dry spell.  I also bought a gift for one son and a fan for myself.  My mom, bless her, bought me a purse that will go PERFECTLY with my 1850’s costume for the Victoria day tea!  That puts me one more week ahead in my costuming schedule!  Pictures to be seen at a later date!