Yes! Filler!

Joy! I discovered a stack of carte de visite and cabinet cards that I have yet to post here.  Whew, material for my blog!

I don’t know about other bloggers but I need “filler” material.  This is a costuming making and wearing blog and when I’m not making or wearing, I need filler.  My volunteer work with the Costume Museum frequently provided excellent material, but that has been put on hold as my new job schedule doesn’t work with the volunteering schedule.

So without further ado…let me fill you up.img_20161211_182245003

This is a cabinet card of an older woman who is obviously well off!  She has plenty of jewelry and a finely beaded and lace filled bodice.  I like her hair style and if ever I get bangs again, I will copy this style when in 1890’s costume.  There is no photographer name on the back of the card but there is 1895 stamped on the back.