Tuesday’s Treasure: is this a set?

While rummaging through the jewelry looking for items for a display, I found a bunch of pieces in the Costume Museum of Canada’s collection that caused me to wonder, “is this a set? A Trend?  What?”

There are earrings:2

I can’t begin to tell you what they are made of.  There is a bracelet labeled 1850.5

And a choker:3

The choker is labeled 1840 and the cameos are attached to a black velvet band. My guess that velvet isn’t original.

They are close but not quite  the same, are they? And the fact that two of the pieces are labeled as being 10 years apart implies they are not a set.  And I realize cameos have been popular, or trendy, off and on for ages, so it isn’t unheard of for there to be several different yet similar images that are classified as cameos but not sets.  It is just I’ve never seen them in these earthy, almost clay like tones.  If these were my pieces, and not the property of the museum, I would wear them like a set.  But then again, I don’t really like these colors.  What do you think?


While getting ready for the accessories display the Costume Museum of Canada had last weekend, I amassed a pile of photographs of some of the museum pieces.  Time to use some of them up.  Hope you enjoy.

These gloves are really weird.  I don’t know the year but I do know the owner had really long skinny arms!


And finally an earring from 1885.  I couldn’t find the mate to it.  I hope we still have it and it will turn up soon.1885 earring CMC

Tuesday’s treasure: the unknowns

Most Tuesdays I volunteer at the Costume Museum of Canada and I photograph some of my favorite finds to share here. This week’s feature is a group of pins that I think are Victorian/Edwardian but there is no official date for them.  So they are the pretty unknowns.unknowns a

Which one is your favorite? The one with the speckled stones?unknowns c

The one with the multi-colored stones ? (That makes me think it could be part of a plot for a Celtic mystical magic book. Each stone holds a special power and when combined on the pin, the holder has all the magic needed to become king.)unknowns dOr is it the one with the dangly chain?unknowns e

Or are you a big fan of purple?unknowns b

I can not tell a lie…I love the purple one best.

Bar pins: circa 1910-20

The Costume Museum of Canada has a group of bar pins dated 1910-20. 4a Many are similar in appearance.  Unsold items from a store?4b

In the above photo, all the pins are in pink.  The one in the foreground and the one in the back ground are double the length of the one in my hand and the small one on the table.

When you zoom in on the pins, you can see that they are patterned with a pink enamel or glaze over top.4b (2)

Cute how my nails happen to match, eh?

There are pins that are the same in shape and sizes but in a blue color.4c

In behind the blue pins are slightly bigger pins. These also have a pattern with a glaze or enamel over them.4eI really liked the pin I am holding in the above photo.  The others are too plain for my tastes.

There is a final pin that is along the same lines as the two above but in white with a floral design.4d

To tired to think.

It was a long day at work with tons of ups and downs and I am just to tired to formulate a complex and/or witty posting for today.  So I will simply show you some sweet little charms that I found at a craft store that I made into earrings.  (I have five ear piercings FYI).

This picture may suck a bit. You may need to click on it and zoom in....

The first one on the left is a boot.  The next one is a parasol.  The third is a carriage and the fourth is a fan.  The last one is a bit hard to make out but I think it is supposed to be a carpet bag.

A cute little nod to my current obsession.