Home now.

Well, the return trip was OK but not fabulous let me tell you!  First of all, I will give you a tip on how to guarantee that you will need to go through the “strip search x-ray machine” at an airport….wear a pair of pants with 4 decorative zippers put on them.

Purely, decorative not functional...try to tell a security officer that....

Also, try to take a photograph with a camera that has no LED screen and you end up with blurry photos.  Gonna have to try and see if I can get that fixed this week!

We had to do a stop over in Edmonton and after a week of green grass I was not prepared for a snow storm which created a lovely white out.  I hate winter.  Apparently, so do the birds that moved into the airport.

Poor little birdy. Trying to scratch a living off of a dirty airport carpet!

Tomorrow I tackle a mountain of laundry, cook a couple of meals for my boys who are tired of take out and finish cutting out my 1850’s skirt.