Do you want to know something….

I have a few odd tendencies and phobias.  I believe I have misophonia which is a condition where certain noises make me crazy.  I hate the sound of people eating corn on the cob and I hate the sound of the word “moisture”.   There are other sounds that bug me but those are the two worst.  And the closer the noise maker is to me the worse I feel.  I’ve kept this oddity to myself because I thought I was the only one and that it was a sign of my immaturity and lack of self-control.  Now that I know there is a name for it, I don’t feel so odd.  Lets imagine Mr Victorian eating corn on the cob and talking about the moisture in the bathroom.  On the outside I appear calm, perhaps even uninterested.  But, on the inside I’ve just punched him in the mouth.

My phobias are fairly common.  I hate snakes and crowded elevators.  Luckily for me, there are not many snakes here so this is not a crippling phobia.  If I need an elevator and it is crowded I can get on (if it ever stalls I’ll go bonkers I’m sure) so again, annoying but not crippling.  I never used to hate bugs but I’m getting a few I dislike.  My son once showed me a photo of a camel spider.  Gross.  Bad son for showing mommy that.  I hate sow bugs, which used to infest the basement of my old house.  I used to have to send my children down there to kill them.  (Bad Mommy, bad mommy).  Today I got one of my worst bug “issues”…a wood tick.  Why, Lord, did you invent those?  Nasty beasts.  It was crawling on my clothing but I have been imagining thousands of them crawling on me ever since.  Nasty beasts.  I have now filled my mind with nasty sounds and images.  I shall enjoy some nightmares this evening