Tree is up and only a bit of swearing

I try to get my Christmas tree up before I have to take part in putting up 7 trees at work.  I was a bit late this year.  I’ve already put up the mitten donation tree and we stood the 18 footer last week.

As per usual, my dang tree is an emotional roller coaster.  The Christmas music I play makes me cheery.  The fricken fracken bleapen lights make me cranky.  And the ornaments make me sentimental. (Accent on the “mental” part.)

Every year I buy an ornament or two to represent a significant event in the past year.  This year I bought an ornament from my winter vacation earlier in the year and I bought an ornament to represent my first Christmas in 22 years where all my children are not with me for Christmas.  My older boy went to Australia for 5 months.  I bought a “so ugly it is cute” Momma Kangaroo with a baby kangaroo.

Hung it on the tree and cried.

Hung it on the tree and cried.

Yup, ’tis the season.