1870s shawl moves along

I haven’t been in great shape today but I did get a bit more done on my 1900 mourning dress…a few more pleats pinned down in the skirt.

I’ve also been working on the 1870s shawl.  A commenter suggested that the wool I am using is thicker than originally intended and I believe she is right.  As I have been knitting the lace, which the instructions say are knit in a long strip like….well…lace.  When you sew straight lace on a corner you pleat it.  The lace I am knitting is going to be far too thick for a pleat so I had to adapt the pattern some.  I have no idea how to put into words what I did.  I should have written it down.  Basically, I worked in a wedge shape with the diamond pattern repeated.

Which created a corner.  It wont be so lumpy when I sew it down and block it.

It would be nice to be retired so I could put as much time into my costumes as I do my job…alas, without my job, I wont be able to afford to costume.  The double-edged sword.

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