Challenge #2: Blue


Sorry for the lousy photo. The lighting sucked. This was the best angle in my little room. Also, this is very plain but I may add some trim once the bodice and over skirt are done. Hopefully, by that point, I will have a name for this new outfit for the mantle.

What the item is: under skirt.  A dull under skirt.  Very utilitarian! It was made to fit the challenge and to go with the mantle I made two years ago and haven’t worn yet. SAM_2674

The Challenge: #2 blueFabric: cotton

Pattern: TV 201

Year: 1870’s

Notions: 2 buttons for closures.

How historically accurate is it? I’d guess about 90%. The buttons are modern and I can only guess if the weight, weave and dyes are correct.

Hours to complete: 10-mostly hemming. It is a very easy pattern to whip up.

First worn: not yet

Total cost: @$10

It doesn’t look to bad with the purple bodice.  Options.

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