I work with seniors because…

That is the big joke we have in the recreation department (of the nursing home I work in) when we have an event that features children.  Our seniors love to see the kids but us…not so much.  I just don’t have the energy for kids.  Seniors don’t out run me.  They will take naps.  I sometimes have to “project” my voice so a hearing impaired person can hear me, children will often treat the world like it is hearing impaired.  And I have no patience for some children’s parents.  How can you let your kids leave their garbage where it falls….Bah, I digress….

Monday, I bit the bullet and ran a Halloween program.  The staff brought their kids in and the seniors invited their grandchildren and they handed out candies to the be-costumed children and  picked their 4 favorites.  They just beamed as they watched these little people running around in their costumes.  Ok, so it was worth it.  And it gave Shirley and I a chance to prance about in our creations.

I wore my 1850s dress…still 2 inches too long and the hoops still refuse to hold their shape.  I’m going to have to rethink that idiot monstrosity.  In spite of it all, my seniors loved my get up!Shirley was working on widows weeds.  The sizing didn’t work out quite the way she was hoping so she says she wants to keep it for Halloween costumes.  Mighty fine costume I must say!

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