Curls curls and more curls

I have a tintype to show you today.  Tintypes were a type of photograph that were around prior to the paper format of cabinet cards and carte de visites.  They did keep making them after cabinet cards and carte de visites came into vogue in the 1860s, but they existed as carnival activities.  For a brief description of a tin type go here.

Basically, the photograph is on a thin sheet of tin.  Sometimes you can find them in the original paper sleeves, but being paper, they didn’t always survive.  I am fortunate enough to have one of a lovely young girl and it is still in its sleeve.SAM_0988When you zoom in on the photo you can see that she has some seriously big earrings and a big pin or pendant on her neck ribbon.  She has great hair too.  I can’t imagine she wore that for day time wear but may be she did.  If she were young enough and rich enough to not worry about getting in her way while she worked.  I wish I had a bit more information on hair styles.

I estimate this to be an 1870s tintype (past the era of greatest popularity) because I have found another tin type with the same paper design for photos that have been estimated at early 1870s.  Go here and scroll down to 1870 where there is a tintype of a young child standing.  Also, scroll down to 1871 to a photo of an older man.  These papers are exactly the same but the paper on mine is in much better shape.  There is only slight damage on the tintype itself which is nice.  They scratch easily.  Obviously, this has been kept in a safe place most of its life.

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