To bad I’m not allowed to buy more wool

Have no fear!  I am not living with a tyrant.  “The no more wool (and books and fabric)” rule is my own.   I’m not allowing myself to buy more of these things until I’ve used up what I have.

There is fine print in that contract that I have with myself that reads “I can make exceptions to that rule if some project is likely to languish in the UFO pile if I don’t buy more of the above”.  I also make exceptions if I encounter a price that is beyond belief.  The silk from my latest project was one such example.  Can I seriously walk away from silk at $12 a meter when I normally find it at $52 a meter?  I say “Nay!”

I do have a project I’d like to make one day but I don’t NEED it in the strictest sense (even though a shawl in black to balance out the two I have in white would be ideal).  So alas, I shall have to wait until the plethora of wool balls in my basement is seriously diminished before I can tackle this project.



Why don’t I use what I have in stash you ask? Well, some how, I don’t envision this in hot pink fuzzy wool.  Seriously, most of the stuff in my stash was acquired before relaunching my Victorian costume hobby and during my “mother of young children” phase.  The fiber content and color is simply impossible.  Sigh.

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