Upholstery needle hat pins

On Sunday, I had a nice afternoon of crafting.  I should have been visiting my father but the crazy winds and blowing snow made highway travel unwise.  I wasn’t in the mood to sew so I sat with some knitting and watched several episodes of “Cranford” and “Cranford Revisited”.

When I got tired of that, I rummaged through my bead supplies (yes, another dreaded stash) and made several hat pins with the upholstery needles I found on sale on Saturday.  It was a bit of a challenge to find beads that had holes that were big enough.  But, on the whole I am pleased with the look of them.SAM_1711

I’ve made some longer than others because two of my hats are very hard to keep on my head and I think the longer pins will be helpful.  I made a valiant effort to make at least one with pink in it, in case I don’t finish my real project for the Pink Challenge in Historical Sew Fortnightly.  SAM_1712Unfortunately, two beads on two of the pins chipped a tad in the making but I think those are small enough that they wont be noticed.  The glue, once dry will, of course, be clear.

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