I feed the birds

At work, we have some bird feeders set up outside the windows of the main rooms.  My seniors spend hours looking outside at the birds.  But it isn’t just birds eating there.  A few weeks back I posted about the rabbits that eat there too.photo 1Don’t tell the boss, but we also get mice.

Now that spring has arrived, we have new guests.photo 1

Excuse the messy yard.  It is spring and landscaping is on the agenda for this year.  Looks like crap now. photo 2We think this is the Misses of the pair.  Hubby was standing guard on the roof.photo 3

If the window wasn’t there, she’s be about 2 feet away from my seniors.  They are loving their “nature” show.  We spent quite some time watching them and joking that I may be over feeding the sparrows a bit!

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