Merry Christmas to me

I ran out and bought myself a Christmas gift this weekend.  Hey, who knows me and what I like better than me!  I saw a spinning wheel at a flea market a few weeks ago.  I haven’t stopped thinking about it so after a bit of wheeling and dealing (pun intended) I went home with this…IMG_20151220_161433258

It is called a Spin-well Spinning WheelIMG_20151220_161426921

For a long version of its history I send you this well written blog post.  The condensed version is it was made in my part of Canada during the 1930’s to 50’s and was based on Ukrainian wheels.  It was known as the Sifton wheel (the town it was made) or the Spin-Well or Well-Made wheels (company names).

Before I try spinning on this, it needs a bit of a clean up.IMG_20151220_161441409

And I think some of the bolts need some tightening so that it isn’t so wobbly.  At least I hope the bolts will help and that I wont need to get some carpenters glue on the other joints….IMG_20151220_161505634


Some more research was not amiss.  I could find information on other wheels and I could figure out what part was comparable and thus how they should work but one part I had trouble figuring out was the tension adjuster.  Does it even have one?  Low and behold I found this blog that showed it did have one in the back behind the gear thingys and it also showed that the flea market seller didn’t have the wheel “strung” properly and so I will need to get another drive belt.  I will also have to learn the correct terminology for this machine.  I can’t keep calling the parts “thingys”


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