Abominable snowdog

We had some snow last week.  I didn’t enjoy it but puppy did.


The winter weather motivated me to work on my knitting and I have the neck and shoulders done on my sweater-dress. I tried it on and it fits.  I don’t have any photos because try on day was not a support underwear day and that is not a good look for photos. I have decided on 3/4 length sleeves so it shouldn’t take to much time or wool to finish them.  (Assuming I don’t loose interest in it and it ends up in my unfinished knitting project TRUNK.)

I really am disgusted with myself.  Last week I gathered up all my unfinished knitting projects and put them in an old steamer trunk.  I had to sit on the lid to get it to shut.  And that is not counting my unfinished sewing projects and my hoards of wool and fabric that have not yet been started.  I shake my head in disgust!  I need another year of absolutely NO MORE BUYING for wool and fabric.  I could use an early retirement so I’d have more time but since that wont be happening anytime soon, I could use some discipline when it comes to time wasters games on my phone.

Talk to ya next week!

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